Cage in the Sky
Poem by Giles Denmark

poem free verse by giles denmark british poet with reference to John Cage, abstract poetry

AS a poet i like to play with letters and numbers where poetry literally move in space across the paper left and right up and down. As a composer and improvisational pianist i liked silences between sounds, and level of sound, creates a tapestry to broaden ones tapestry of enjoyment and discovery. I was astutely fond of experimental music - John Cage in his writing and music, as well as Sati, Debussy, Ravel, Bartok. Growing up i was much taken by the poetry of E E Cummings - which influenced me in my teenage years to create mobiles, where words were hung adrift in the draughts and winds of air passing, as well an aquarium of word fish in corral beds. I like to mis behave in creating words and gaps to the mind can gasp and enjoy.

This poem was written as I was returning to France from Minneapolis, in USA, across the Atlantic on a KLM flight and the plane was flying over Ireland and UK on its way

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