Performance Art : Giles Denmark

giles denmark performance art theater work at Red Eye Collaboration, Minneapolis, MN, USA 1985

Giles Denmark. Performance Painting Theater Work.
Passion. 1985. Red Eye Collaboration, Minneapolis, MN, USA.

"The meaning of who we are is embedded in the world around us"


1997 THE ATRE. Performance/installation/internet work. Collaboration with Agnes Tiffon. Paris, France.
1995. CLEAN HOUSE. A performance installation. The Soap Factory, No Name Gallery, Minneapolis, MN.
1995 AGE OF INTIMACY. Minneapolis Institute of Arts, MN.
1993 REJECTION. Icebox Gallery, Minneapolis, MN.
1992 PURSUING PERFECTION - THE DORYPHOROS. Minneapolis Institute of Arts, MN.
1992 LEG IRONS. Stavanger Arts Festival/Excil 2,Gallery 242, Brusand, Norway.
1992 THE SPEAR HOLDER. Red Herring Gallery, Brighton, England.
1992 THE SPEAR HOLDER. Holborn Centre of Performing Arts, London, England.
1991 THE PLAY THING. Jungle Theater, Minneapolis, MN.
1991 ONE ON ONE. Sting Nightclub, Stavanger, Norway.
1990 OLGER VANN (OILS WATER). Lysverket, Staten Kunst Akademi, Oslo, Norway
1990 PERFORMANCE. Monumentalavd, 'Sykkelfabrikken', Sandnes, Norway
1990 TV-MANIA. Franklin Furnace, New York.
1990 SWIMMING LESSONS. Walker Art Center/Southern Theater, Minneapolis.
1989 SCARS. Yellow Springs Institute, Chester Springs, Pennsylvania
1987 ART IS GEOGRAPHY. Underground Art Show, Minneapolis.
1986 THE PAINTING AND THE MARTYR. A poetry performance work. Loring Park Playhouse, Mpls.
1985 PERFORMANCE PAINTING WORK. State Fair, Saint Paul, MN.
1985 PASSION. Red Eye Collaboration, Minneapolis, MN.
1984 WILD. First Ave Danceteria, Minneapolis.
1983 CIVIL WAR AT WALL STREET. A poetry performance art work. Saint Paul Art Collective, Wall Street Gallery, St Paul, MN.
1977 HEADCUTS. British Music Information Center, London.
1976 CENTRE POINT. Performance & photo shoot at top floor of Centre Point, Oxford Street & Charing Cross Road, London.
1976 CRACKS IN A CITY. May 17- 22. Round House Downstairs, London NW1. 8 pm each night. A poetry performance work.
Patti Smith performed later after my performances at the Roundhouse - her music resonate my feelings at the time.
1973 SOUNDSCULPT. Interactive art sound installation at the Midland Group Gallery, Nottingham, England.

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