The Performance art works of Giles Denmark

giles denmark performance artist in Minneapolis 1980s - photo by Linda Rother

Giles Denmark (1980s) when living in Minneapolis - photo by Linda Rother.


Centre Point : Performance work about the politic and symbolic energy of buildings and humankind.

This performance was done on the top floor of Centre Point, a tall building on New Oxford Street and Charing Cross Road, near Trafalgar Square, London.

(I had the opportunity to do a photo performance most likely sometime in 1976 in the year I created a perfomance poetry music theater work at the Downstairs theater at Roundhouse, Camden, called "Cracks in The City" - later in the evening Patti Smith performed upstairs or 1992 (unlikely) when I was performing the Spear Holder at Holborn Centre of Performing Arts, London, England.)

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