Cracks in the City. Giles 'Denmark' Mitchell
Poetry Performance Drama. Downstairs Theater, Roundhouse, Camden, London. May 17-22 1976

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Cracks in the City - set design -1976 - giles mitchell - Roundhouse, Camden, London.



The snake comes to the surface

Like coalminers we climb its coils

The underground drags us day into night, night into day

We dig into its depths

Finding the cracks in our bodies

The cracks in our souls

Fantasy on the walls

Truth in tho piss on the floors

We are drugged by the dropping of coins into machines

We are drugged by the repetitive warning voice in the lift

We are drugged by the screams of the trains

And the doors being ripped open and closed

As the underground digs its hyperdermic into our veins.

There will be an interval of 15 minutes.


Paul Kalli - as Robert
Carina Wyeth - as Christina
Anne Franklin-White - as Libby
Kevin Whately - as Narrator

Giles Mitchell - sound, piano, slides, D.J.

Nick Blooms and Jeremy Lingard - lights

Dimension Theatre gratefully acknowledges the help of the Slade School of Art.

(I changed my artist name just before this performance to Giles Denmark - as an artist, poet, performance artist.